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IT Network Therapy
Call us Free: (987) 654-3210
  • Network Therapy

    Mission: Establish the DNA for Network Culture

    Vision: Create a Great Life

    Focus: Community Building

    Job Description: Digital Plumber

    Deliverables: IT Networking Basics - What you need to know - to Survive

  • Infrastructure Technology

    Symptoms: The problem was caused by Symptoms

    Promoting: Situational Awareness

    Introducing: A unique Health Care Training program for IT

    Recipe for Success: Learn while you look at cute pictures

    Survival Skills for the IT Games

  • Humor and Wisdom

    Perspective is where you find it

    ?Do you want to be right, or happy

    You will find this material both amusing and useful

    There is a big gap between Advice and Help

    Practice random and senseless acts of wit to foster Network Community

  • Education for the Chronically Networked

    Up to date Network and Project Management information

    Detailed Break Down of Roles and Responsibilities for Network Services

    I neither confirm nor deny that a problem ever existed

    Network design is 100% perfect - on paper

    Consulting Services Available

Priceless Wisdom

Time and Money are subjects discussed and in every phase of an Infrastructure project. This WEB site will coach you to identify and correct inauthentic conversations on Time and Money, and saying NO!






Health Care Advise

Use all the tools in the tool box, Is it time for your medication or mine? Do you want to be right, or happy? Chaos, panic, & disorder – my work here is done, Use this material wisely to build relationships, not break them

Integrity Management Communications Career Therapy

Network Infrastructure

"Digital Plumbing" Find educational, dry wit humor, best practices,
Network Support, Venders, and Service Providers ...if you have any new Material to build a Network, or stop a leak, feel free to submit...




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Service Delivery

Adventure Alert! Material contains a broad collection of development and delivery knowledge that encompasses all aspects of the Network organizations... I know – you can hardly contain your excitement.

Network Operations People Skills Network Engineering

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